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With its roots in the north of England, eXpede is a collaboration between two sweaty sportsmen; squash and fitness enthusiast Richard Watts and International squash player Chris Simpson.


After a particularly hot and humid training session both were discussing the difficulties they have with sweat whilst competing. It can become a distraction, a hindrance, a "marginal loss". In that moment eXpede was born.


At eXpede, we believe activewear clothing should be viewed as part of your equipment, that each garment should help towards your performance in its own way.


Our first product, the 'THINK FAST' headband is a one piece tie at the back headband available in nine eye-catching colour combinations. We have found traditional headbands to get heavy when wet, in turn causing you to feel heavy and lumbered in your movements. The 'THINK FAST' headband is made from a blend of polyester and cotton designed to stay light even when wet. It allows for wicking from the side and rear areas of the headband. A super absorbent strip over the forehead area keeps unwanted sweat and hair from your eyes and face.



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